Features and Benefits

CareDesign is a place for mental health professionals to confidentially consult colleagues, and share new ideas. CareDesign membership will reinvigorate your practice and introduce new efficiency into your day. We are the professionals who care enough  to use every available tool to help our patients/clients get better. We are not satisfied with things as they exist. We want more. We want music, film, forums, books, podcasts, art, dance, sites, education…to use in our craft. We need our own space to discuss and hone our trade. If you are like us, we want you, and want to learn from you. Welcome to the Community!


Are you looking for another provider to refer a client to? With CareDesign, you can find those individuals, then securely contact them. Our Online Directory is simple to us and offers a worldwide searchable database of providers.


Energize your practice with an aggregation of Creative Resources at CareDesign! Find out what resources other providers have found useful in their own practice, then add resources of your own, discuss them with others and ultimately recommend them to those in your care.


Our field is ever evolving. To keep up with changes, it is important to broaden our horizons. CareDesign's Events section is designed to make finding and eadding events as easy as possible.Search for upcoming events and signify your interest in attending, or add the details of an event you know is coming up.

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Sharing isn’t just for the convention anymore! Experience an exchange of rich information 365-days-a-year about clinical breakthroughs, pharmacology, psychological interventions, etc., in our Discussion Forums.
Other medical practice marketing sites are charging as much as $30/month or more for merely displaying information! CareDesign is offered at a competitive rate and provides Communication, Collaboration, Marketing, Education, Mobility, and MORE!

CareDesign allows you to immediately communicate with other providers securely using in-site messaging, video chats and document/file sharing. SMS (text) messaging is also available as an alerting tool.


Establish your professional presence and flexibly display it to different users. Grow your influence and network with communication. Collaborate on care instead of just refer/take referrals. CareDesign.net uniquely delivers the capacity to thank colleagues, find out what help they need from you, and most importantly, provide a way to immediately and securely follow-up with them about observations in an open, comfortable way that allows an exchange of ideas about how to optimize patient/client care.


Our responsive template works perfectly on iOS, Android, and other mobile devices.


CareDesign will soon be HIPAA-compliant. We need a secure social networking platform for the medical community and CareDesign is it. As mental health care professionals, we understand security!