Effective emotional growth and healing can only occur in an atmosphere of safety and security. The threats and dangers that stem from abuse may be severe, even lethal. It is in self-esteem and confidence where their, perhaps, greatest toll is experienced. Dr. Coyle takes a systematic, reassuring, and practical approach to the process of claiming safety.

The Safety From Current Abuse presentation was developed to carefully and systematically lead individuals that may be suffering from current abuse through a set of considerations regarding whether such might be reoccurring and what options exist for their freedom from these dangerous situations.

This presentation is part of the Abuse track (sold separately). Often, individuals raised in abusive environments find themselves in abusive situations in adult life. Such individuals also classically find the truth of being in an abusive situation difficult to accept and often require repeated reminders of their reality and what can be done about it. Video presentations such as this one offer the opportunity for reminder until empowerment and choice can be realized.

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