Our society‘s obsession with food is killing us. From anorexia to bulimia to compulsive eating leading to obesity, it seems we are contradictorily eating or starving ourselves to death. Our conflict is evident even in our habits as consumers such that cookbooks and diet books alike routinely top the sales charts. To address this deadly dilemma, our introductory video explores primary issues associated with the full range of eating disorders. Dr. Coyle links this broad information about eating disorders to often over- looked issues of Self Esteem and Goal Setting as well as Addictions and Diet and Exercise. It is strongly suggested that this selection be used with the Self-Esteem and Goal Setting (SEGS) track. If the SEGS is not owned, we would suggest either the combination of SEGS and Addictions or the Addictions (Comprehensive) title (for Anorexia) with Diet and Exercise (for Obesity and Bulimia).

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