You must be alive to have choice.
Suicide and other emotional crises, such as homicide, substance use and psychosis, are common to medical and psychological practice. Dr. Coyle describes a practical approach to risk management via education and discussion with caregivers. This psychoeducational presentation defines potential psychiatric emergencies and assists in planning strategies for prevention. This presentation will greatly facilitate treatment and may dramatically reduce liability.

This Safety presentation is the first of many presentations created for clinical use by Dr. Coyle. It has become a centerpiece for psychological safety planning. He presents a practical and individualized definition of an emotional crisis or an emergency situation, and helps listeners develop a plan for safety.

This presentation is the first in Dr. Coyle’s Prerequisites for Change. Without choosing life, all potential is lost. This presentation is included in the Self-Esteem and Goal Setting track and the Safety Set, which you may optionally consider purchasing.

Number of sessions: 1 (video time: 16 minutes)

Optionally Spiritually Inclusive (OSI): No; this presentation does not include a spiritual segment.

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