The mood instability associated with Bipolar or Manic Depressive Disorder is a concerning and often misunderstood symptom of emotional distress impacting families, job stability, and quality of life. While medication can be essential, comprehensive cure does not always come in a pill. The mood stabilization that can result from healthy self-esteem and goal setting as well as dealing with addictions, trauma, and abuse, may be far more impactful and enduring. In this one session overview, Dr. Coyle provides a systematic review of various causes and practical interventions for mood instability. It is strongly suggested that this module be used with the Self-Esteem and Goal Setting (SEGS) track. For those that own the SEGS track, this is the appropriate purchase for Bipolar Disorder. If the SEGS is not owned, we suggest purchasing either the combination of SEGS and Bipolar Disorder or the Complete Set.

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