Dr. Coyle perceives sexual/physical/emotional abuse to be the most extreme of all human violence and suffering. This comprehensive, yet highly compacted bio-psycho-social approach to the resolution of abuse issues combines the building or rebuilding of the self (through coordination with the Self-esteem and Goal-Setting track) with a variety of coping resources needed for dealing with multiple traumas and betrayals. He specifically and directly addresses the losses, anger, trauma, assertiveness/boundary difficulties, and other challenges resulting from abuse.

Abuse affects fundamental developmental issues in contrast to trauma, which often more simply occurs following stable and expected development. Abuse destabilizes and threatens the foundations of personal development as well as inflicting trauma, making the educational approach to abuse a delicate and involved topic. Its complexity and the power of this track clearly require consultation with a therapist in collaboration with this programmed approach. The Self-Esteem and Goal Setting track is highly recommended prior to this track. Additionally, because addictions are common among individuals who have been previously abused, attention to addictions issues, addressed in the Addictions track may also be necessary.

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