Managing Pain Before It Manages You
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Managing Pain Before It Manages You
2008-10-02 Guilford Press
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Updated and expanded with the latest clinically proven strategies, the third edition of this bestselling workbook enables chronic pain sufferers to take charge of their symptoms and get their lives back. This award-winning book by pain specialist Dr. Margaret A. Caudill has already helped more than 150,000 readers. Drawing on the recent explosion in knowledge about pain, the revised edition delivers powerful ways to decrease pain-related distress. Useful worksheets and guided self-explorations help readers understand their pain process, recognize factors that exacerbate or relieve symptoms, and learn how to manage thoughts and emotions related to pain. The book now includes free MP3 audio downloads of relaxation exercises proven to relieve stress, providing a convenient way to ease pain-related anxiety. With step-by-step guidance on ways to use meditation, nutrition, and appropriate daily activity to reduce their pain levels, readers will spend less time in their doctora (TM)s office and have more time to enjoy the good things in life.

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