Being Sick Well
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Being Sick Well
Joyful Living Despite Chronic Illness
2005 Baker Book House
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Nearly half the U.S. population suffers from a chronic illness. Still, many have failed to recognize this epidemic, focusing too much on the problem rather than the solution. Here author Jeffrey H. Boyd sets out to change all that. Writing with a lively, engaging style, Boyd offers encouragement for those who suffer with a chronic illness and those who care for them. He draws on personal experiences of illness within his own family as well as the experiences of hundreds of other Christians he has interviewed, showing sufferers and their loved ones how to live fully in spite of their condition. Boyd tackles a variety of areas-defining the nature of illness, suffering with dignity, finding God in illness, and helping individuals and families facing chronic illness. Bottom line: Whether it be back pain or something more serious, chronic illness doesn't have to rule people's lives.

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